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A condenser is a tool or component that, often through cooling, is used to condense a chemical from its gaseous to liquid condition. The material releases latent heat as a result, which transfers to the condenser coolant. Typically, condensers are heat exchangers that exist in a wide range of sizes and configurations, from relatively small (hand-held) to very big industrial-scale devices utilised in plant processes. For instance, a refrigerator employs a condenser to release heat to the outside air that has been taken from the interior of the appliance. In industrial chemical processes like distillation, steam power plants, and other heat-exchange systems, condensers are employed. It's typical practise in to use ambient air or cooling water as the coolant in

Condensers Heat

We manufacture various Refrigeration / chemical / steam / evaporative / water cooled Shell and tube type Condensers
Price: 200000 INR/Piece

Stainless steel Condenser

Stainless steel Shell and Tube industial / chemical Condenser
Price: 150000 INR/Piece

We Export Our Goods & Products Mainly to Asian and African Countries.