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Pressure Vessels

Stainless steel Pressure Vessel

 Our precisely designed Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel is a container which holds vapors liquids or gases at a high pressure generally above 15 PSIG The pressure in the vessel is different from that of the ambient pressure This cylindrical shaped vessel is made by using stainless steel that does not corrode while in contact with air and moisture The vast applications of this container include chemical processing and petroleum refining industries It is extensively used in engineering to store those fluids which are under pressure The Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels are also utilized in steam boilers engine cylinders storing chemicals in chemical plants and storing petroleum products

Air Receiver Tank for Air Compressor

20 L SS Pressure Vessel Tank for Glue

Pressure Vessels

These Pressure Vessels can store liquids in large quantity. Those substances that require a particular temperature are stored in them. These pressure vessels can keep the pressure inside it maintained for a very long time. The vessels are provided a sealed atmosphere due to which the liquid present inside can not react with air. For their safety, metallic painting is done on their surfaces so that no harm is caused to it. A lever is provided at the top of these vessels for the ease of transporting the substance present inside it. In addition to it, they have a compact shape and do not occupy a large area. 

We Export Our Goods & Products Mainly to Asian and African Countries.

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